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The visitor's billing and product purchasing are all handled here, in a relaxed format, and prescriptions if any are gone over and explained. The visitor is ready for the outside world.

As I mentioned, there are plenty of extremely practical decisions that must be made in designing a successful spa. For example, patient comfort, climate control, and noise abatement are prime considerations in this environment. So, too, are moisture control and mold prevention, particularly with the prevalence of water features in this setting.

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One practical consideration regarding moisture control is ceiling design—a flat ceiling should be coved or pitched downward at one end to allow condensation to roll to the side and down the walls. For the sake of quiet, mechanical systems should be housed in the basement, if at all possible. But there are more specific aspects that must be considered for the mechanicals, electrical, and plumbing MEP when designing a typical spa.

These include:.

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  4. Air circulation is critical, and exhaust air must be handled efficiently, with outlet ducts designed to maximize velocity and minimize noise, both from mechanical operations and from cross-talk between rooms. Having treatment rooms under negative pressure, with air handling using variable speed motors, helps to achieve both objectives. Air diffusers should be installed and positioned to prevent drafts and to remove condensation from glass features.

    Electrical: Because much of the equipment in a spa has direct contact with human skin, hospital-grade outlets should be used to provide proper grounding.

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    Color-corrected fluorescent and incandescent lighting with dimmers should be used to adjust for the spa experience, yet provide enough light for cleaning during off-hours. The use of pinkish lighting is encouraged where possible to enable patients to retain a healthy hue and avoid the grayish, washed-out look often created by traditional overhead lighting. Toilets should be wall-attached, making it easier to clean around them.

    But the difference from the traditional design challenge is really more of degree than of kind. Concept The spa treatment experience is often conceptualized as an airline trip.