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From other Jewish children on the train, Alice learns details that her protective family had kept from her.

Yet amid the horror, the human spirit sometimes still shines through. Mercifully, the deportees have no idea what awaits them in Auschwitz, at the end of the dreadful journey. Much depends on the reader's foreknowledge of its even more dreadful end, so the book is for children of the heroine's own age or older. In the last unforgettable scene, Alice goes into what she believes is a shower room to wash away the filth of the journey, naked but wearing her mother's jewellery to keep it safe - and, irony upon irony, with the blood of her first period, that sign of a hopeful, fertile future just beginning to run down her leg.

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The final journey Casey Cooper-Fiske looks at the many hearse options available from the obscure to the specialised by Casey Cooper-Fiske. July 10, November 13, November 12, Funeral Plans. Arranging a funeral takes over 52 hours, study suggests by Jasdip Sensi.

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No matter how long it is, there is very little risk in the final journey of the livestock to the abattoir. From the Hansard archive.

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The last stage, once all areas have had time to reach a consistent temperature, is the final journey to room temperature. From Wikipedia.

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The trees he had planted himself lined the path of this final journey. This is where prayers were recited, incense was burned, and more rituals were performed to help prepare the king for his final journey.

His final journey west, however, began before the materials could be assembled. Wealthy and royal members of the culture also provided barques for their final journey. One fervently hopes that the joy of such a true creation accompanied her on her final journey. They can be driven on roads to near the site and then convert to rail vehicle for the final journey to the worksite.