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These recent reports are highlighting the difficulties of combating the spread of fake videos online. These types of manipulated videos, dubbed deepfakes, began surfacing in the dark corners of the internet around two years ago.

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In China, deepfakes were thrown into the national spotlight in February when a video that splices a major actress into a year-old TV show became a top-trending story on Weibo. The clip itself seemed harmless, but it triggered questions on what could happen if the technology was used for more nefarious purposes. Now, it appears, the country is finally getting some disturbing answers.

Crack down on fake audience and celebrity hype, media told

Others say they can face-swap any individual, whether a celebrity or not, into any video. We were unable to find any explicit listings on Baidu Tieba, although there are still sporadic posts sharing deepfake videos. Both platforms told us they have taken down the illegal listings.

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Xianyu said they are continuing to monitor product listings on the platform. China Internet Report Software can be easily obtained on the internet, allowing anyone to generate deceptively real videos without learning AI coding.

China caps film star pay, citing 'money worship' and fake contracts | World news | The Guardian

Choosing a new face is a constant gamble. Whether choosing the wrong one by trusting numbers provided by sketchy social media agencies or getting caught up in scandals , brands constantly stick their neck out when kicking off influencer or celeb-led campaigns in China. Sadly, the best way to avoid collaboration failures is the simplest way: to for brands to do their homework and ask clear questions to their in-house staff or agencies. Do their films, songs, or vlogs consistently draw an audience in a way that has real numbers behind it? Are they showing up with positive mentions in other blogs, articles, videos, etc.?

How I Became A Celebrity In China By Losing My Cellphone

Has he or she been quick to leave other partnerships during nationalistic protests in the past? Many agencies continue to use Weibo data to say a celebrity or influencer is the real deal — but Weibo data, like Twitter data, is very often artificially inflated. To do their best to ensure a new collaboration will reach real fans and cause real turnover, brands have options and need to make sure not to grab the first shiny object they see.

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There is no shortage of tools to research influencers and celebrities in China, and even simple research will generally help a company discern who is likely to help and who will simply be a waste of time. Source link.

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  5. In a recent piece about fandom culture in China, SixthTone pointed out the flimsiness of data used to discern who and what is becoming influential in China: Because of the importance of social media traffic to both the entertainment industry and public, agencies, management companies, and passionate fans have come up with ways to artificially goose fandom numbers.