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Guess what everyone! Find theimpossiblewinterbourne wandering around the conference, and get him to sign a copy of The AlphaBots scbwiaustintx booth from to 4pm on Tuesday!

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N is for NeedleBot! Have you gotten your AlphaBots poster? DM for details! Available now!

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  • The Impossible Winterbourne presentsThe Alphabots - Mascot Books;
  • The Alphabot Aims To Transform How People Shop For Groceries.
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  • The Impossible Winterbourne Presents...the Alphabots.
  • O is for Octobot! I've been hearing up for some more nonsense theclevertiger in Elgin for my big show May 11th! Hope to see you all there! P is for PropellerBot! Q is for QuakeBot! R is for RocketBot! S is for StiltBot Available now! T is for TeleBot Available now!

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    Come get one! U is for UmbrellaBot! At last! V is for VoodooBot! W is for WormBot! Do you have your copy of The AlphaBots yet? Here is theimpossiblewinterbourne with 2nd place winner- Mason, from the color page contest theclevertiger! Again- neither one of them wanted to look directly into the camera for some reason.

    Here is theimpossiblewinterbourne with 3rd place winner- Silvia, from the color page contest theclevertiger! You can see neither one of them wanted to look directly into the camera. Here is theimpossiblewinterbourne with the winner of the "Most Creative" prize from the color page contest theclevertiger. Congratulations Elizabeth! Creando un proyecto propio. Megatron Evil Face. Engraved black granite awards created by us for a parent who decided to commemorate the achievement of his child and their team.

    In the evenings and weekends, Robot and I would decorate the city with faces and SteamBots, and during the day I worked on the book. In the middle my time in Chicago my father fell ill.

    ColDroop:Rise of the Alphabots

    Once again, Robot and I found ourselves moving across the country. This time to Austin, TX to be with my father. Work on The AlphaBots progressed in Austin, but at a slower pace. I finished the book in the spring of , and began the daunting task of looking for a publisher. Then in March of last year I lost my father, and for a long while all progress stopped, and not just on the book. For a while I did not feel like doing much at all. So for a long time I didn't. As time passed, however, I began to look more at different publishing routes, and found one that worked for me. It does happen to be an author funded route, however, and that is the reason for my Kickstarter project.

    I guess we will see how the rest of the story unfolds! You will receive a digital copy of "The AlphaBots," plus a limited edition print from the book. This handsome hardcover is 11" x 11" and printed in full color. Pledges at this level will get you not only the Handsome hardcover AlphaBots book and T-shirt, but a limited edition 10"x10" print of one of the robots from the book as well!

    Pledges at this level come with a stylish metal AquaBot Pin!

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    The pin is 1. For those of you who want nothing but the book. The SkullBot is 9" x 7" x 2" and hangs comfortably on any wall. Get a limited edition MechMonkey Face like the kind Winterbourne uses in his street art installations in an antique gold finish. This sculpture is cast in stone, 10" tall 7" wide, and 2. It weighs about 3 lbs and hangs on the wall. There will only be of these sculptures with this finish. This tier also comes with an autographed book.

    If Three books is just not enough, I offer you this - Four autographed hardcover copies of "The AlphaBots" for you to distribute as you see fit! Each book is signed by me, and sent directly to you! This is a slightly different sculpture from the previous tier. Pledges at this level come with a wall hanging EcoBot Sculpture that can hold real plants plants not included!

    This sculpture is of one of the robots from the book - "E is for EcoBot, made mostly of trees. The sculpture is approximately 14" x 12" x 7".

    Welcome to "The AlphaBot Level. These are not prints, they are one of a kind drawings that the pages of the book were made from. There are only 26 of them, so when they're gone, they're gone! This level also gets you everything from the EcoBot Level!

    Welcome to Etsy!

    The sculptures at this level have special matching custom finishes, and are limited in edition to They will not be available for purchase outside of this donation level. I have set the ship date of this project to be November of this year, getting all items into your hands just in time for the Holidays Christmas, Krampusnacht, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. As anyone who has lived long enough knows, sometimes life has a way of derailing plans. Publishing the book could take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months, so there is a bit of unpredictability there, BUT all other gifts are made by me, and I will start shipping those out to you as soon as "The AlphaBots" is funded.

    Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ.