Manual Speak My Soul: Poems on Migrations and Returns of a Native Son

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The Breathing Lesson. Burial Song. The Burning Bush. By Starlight. By the Orchard. Carrying the Fire.

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Caterpillar Song. Ceremony on Pier The Cherry Tree. Clancy the Burro's First Day in Heaven. Come before His Countenance with a Joyful Leaping. Come with Me. The Coronation. Credo Adoration. The Crisis. Crossing a River. Cutting down a Tree. A Day in the City. The Death of the Moon. Dust Devil.

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    My Father Laughing in the Chicago Theater. Chrusciel explores this liminal space with deftness and humor in this lovely poem….

    Joy Harjo's Inaugural Reading as U.S. Poet Laureate

    The ache resounds louder. Such elegant craft: by asking us to recognize and acknowledge her loss, providing careful, evocative instructions of where to look and what to look for, she is filling a hole with that which is missing. Carlos Bulosan immigrated from what was then the US colonial territory of the Philippines during the Depression. A self-taught poet and novelist, he wrote with remarkable insight and compassion about what he witnessed in America: its rampant poverty and racism, and also the kindness and resiliency of many of its people.

    This poem was written to help raise legal funds for cannery union leaders threatened with deportation at the height of McCarthyism. His message of hope and community amidst xenophobia, white supremacy, unlawful incarceration, gun violence, and income and gender inequality, still rings so eerily true today. Espada brilliantly uses the iconic beverages of both lands U. I chose this poem because, in a roundabout way, Nye is at least partially responsible for changing my life and worldview.

    Years later, I traveled to Palestine on my own, and now her words resonate even deeper. I encourage people to read about Palestine, visit Palestine, and speak out against abuse, even in the face of very rich and powerful forces that try to erase Palestine and mute their voices. This poem reminds me of all the undocumented men that helped out on the rice farms and cotton farms and other farms around our small town where I grew up. I remember giving my father a Spanish-English dictionary as a gift once, so he could communicate with the first undocumented worker he hired.

    I remembered how proud we were of my father because he decided to pay minimum wage, and not below minimum wage. Our town was a conservative town—the county voted for Trump. But we all helped folks get fake papers; we hired them; because it seemed normal—seemed human. We went to school with undocumented kids; I went to university with undocumented kids from Mexico and El Salvador. I remember one of my best friends, a French major, not being able to do study abroad because he had no passport.

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    I remember the day he returned home, for the first time in 25 years, so see his grandmother and cousins, aunts and uncles. He cried to tell me about it when he returned. I remember the day her daughter arrived, after being apart for about 7 years. He spoke of them every day, though it had been years. I love the way this poem speaks so softly about the unutterable pain of parting; how it moves so generously through landscapes, languages, and pain to give us, like my Salvadorian friend, something made so large because it is so rare a thing—something Javier Zamora brought with him from home.

    It is understated and profound. This poem is a tour-de-force of poetic technique. It takes on difficult issues in a direct, almost clipped manner of address that is also, rather impossibly, utterly poetic. Eliot, Complete Poems , p. Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Submit an article Journal homepage. Marjorie Perloff Correspondence mperloff earthlink.


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