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The North Carolina native burst onto the music scene in , when she was the youngest composer to win a Pulitzer Prize. She's still in her 30s and now, for the first time, there's a recording devoted entirely to her work. Check out one of the up and coming indie rock bands from Central Florida. On our next studio session the band plays some new songs that caught our ear.

Both orchestras are in good hands. Listen this Thursday night and see what you think. Character Posh Paws. Kasumi is put onto supplementary classes in craft class, along with Tae Hanazono, and the two become close. Kasumi begins to skip out on practice with Rimi and Arisa to get private guitar lessons from Tae, prompting jealousy from Arisa.

Kasumi's band is challenged by Tae to put on a performance that'll make her heart flutter. Rimi shows the others a song about chocolate cornets that she once wrote with her sister, and they begin practicing it, with Tae's occasional aide. Tae eventually becomes inspired to join the band when she watches their practice and performs "My Heart is a Chocolate Coronet" with them. Kasumi is the president of the school's cultural festival planning committee and appoints Saya as the vice president. She arrives just in time and performs with everyone else. The members of Poppin' Party get part time work for the day at the SPACE live house to gain experience, before attempting an audition for the owner.

Poppin' Party wonder what they differently, and Kasumi becomes adamant about practicing as much as possible for their next attempt. However the owner tells her that she performed the worst, which hits her hard. During the next audition, her stress and strain from vocal practices causes her to lose her voice on stage. Kasumi is devastated over what happened and attempts to recover her lost voice, while the rest of Poppin' Party agree to practice without her until she recovers.

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She admits to Yuri and Asuka that she's losing her voice because she feels stressed and has been overdoing her practice, since she knows she's the weakest and least experienced band member. The other members of the band help her to overcome her issues, and to regain her voice. As the school finals come around, Poppin' Party also prepare for their final chance to impress the owner. Despite several members believing they messed up their parts, the owner passes them, granting them a spot to perform at SPACE.


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They perform to a positive reception, kick-starting their road to popularity as "Poppin' Party". Poppin' Party and Roselia head to the beach to take a break from homework and band practice respectively, where they meet up to have fun. At the end of the day, Poppin' Party perform a song at a beach cafe as part of a sound check. This inspires Yukina on a new guitar phrase and Roselia to practise their new song. The episode starts nine months after the end of the first season as Kasumi and her friends start their second year of high school.

At the conclusion of the live show, Poppin' Party and Roselia announce that they will perform their own live shows. Kasumi and her friends start planning their self-sponsored live show, but become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of planning behind a live event.

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They are eventually invited by Roselia to perform as a guest band at their self-sponsored live show which Asuka and Rokka attend. After the show, when Roselia and Poppin' Party come together, Yukina judges that Poppin' Party are not ready to put together their own self-sponsored live show. Kasumi and her friends initially feel doubtful about self-sponsoring their own live show after playing at Roselia's show. Later, Kasumi meets Rokka in town and they visit Rokka's room before they attend Poppin' Party's band practice. Rokka's recount of her life so far prompts Poppin' Party to play a song.

This motivates both Rokka to form her own band and Poppin' Party to plan and play at their own self-sponsored show. A Carefree World! Kokoro and Hello, Happy World! Hello, Happy World! The show motivates Poppin' Party to do their best in planning their live show. However, Chisato has to attend to other commitments, making practising together difficult. Afterglow are invited to perform an outdoor live show in the market street for an elderly group.

Poppin'Party also tag along to perform at the outdoor live show. The live show was delayed; however, when rain started to fall. During the rain, Afterglow recount how they formed the band to Rokka. In the end, both Afterglow and Poppin'Party perform at the live show. Then, much to Rokka's surprise, Poppin'Party announce they will hold their self-sponsored live show at the Galaxy live house.

Hina also forms a band of students from both schools made up of Aya, Moca, Lisa, Kanon and Tsugumi to perform at the joint cultural festival. Poppin'Party prepare for their performances at both the cultural festival and their live show. Tae also does additional preparation by doing impromptu outdoor performances, where she meets her childhood friend Layer.

Layer later proposes to Tae to form a band together, of which Tae becomes hesitant. Tae talks to the Poppin'Party members that she wants to be a support guitarist for Layer's new band in order to improve her skills.

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Kasumi and the others give their blessings to Tae, and she practises with the new band now called Raise A Suilen in preparation for their first live show. Meanwhile, the culture festival band made up of Aya, Moca, Lisa, Kanon and Tsugumi write a song and do an open rehearsal in front of students from both schools. The students at Haneoka Girls' High School and Hanasakigawa Girls' High School hold their joint cultural festival with each class running their own booths.

Meanwhile, Tae continues practising with Raise A Suilen in preparation for their first live shows, forgoing the joint cultural festival. As a result, Poppin'Party had to delay their school cultural festival show, supposedly performing in the last act of the festival. However, with Raise A Suilen having to perform a three-song encore just before the Poppin'Party performance, Tae runs to the school but to no avail as Roselia plays in place of Poppin'Party who do not perform in the festival.

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Getting back together after the joint cultural festival, Poppin'Party go around and thank members of other bands and Rokka for covering them during the concert. Tae then goes to Raise A Suilen's practice session where she announced her intention to step down as support guitarist.

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Tae practises and plays with Raise A Suilen in her last live with the band. After CHU2 leaves, Tae and the others feel doubtful on whether they would still be together after the live show. The next day, Kasumi meets Tae after finishing preparations for the day, playing a song for her. This inspires Tae to write the lyrics for a new song which she plays in front of Kasumi and the others.

After that, Tae re-affirms her desire to play with Poppin'Party which makes the others happy. Poppin'Party practise and prepare for their live show at the Galaxy live house, also continuing to refine Tae's new song. All the other bands except Raise a Suilen accept Poppin'Party's invitation to perform at their live house, providing their set lists.

The bands have their dress rehearsals the day before the live show, where Poppin'Party perform their new song in front of the other bands. The five bands set up and prepare at the Galaxy live house for Poppin'Party's live show. Later, Poppin'Party open the live show in front of their audience with their new song. The other four bands follow suit, starting with their new songs. Sake, the drink of the Gods in Japan from the very beginning of its appearance in Japan, was a part of early religious rites that were the prototype of what is identified as the Shinto religion today. It was used to purify the temple and formed an important to the gods.

Sake is believed to have first brewed around B. Also, natural disasters are considered to be expressions of an angry god or the roaming souls of ancestors. Occasionally, to quell these, special matsuri are sometimes held. During a matsuri, food and drink are naturally prepared. That food and drink might include stalks of rice plants, rice itself, sake, meat and poultry, fish and shellfish, fruit, grains, salt and water.

In other words, the gifts of the sea and the gifts of the mountains.

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  • As these items of food and drink are the result of the abundance of nature, they have come from god. In this way, these offerings of food and drink are infused with the blessing of that god, and filled with grace. Later, the people partake of this food and drink and are themselves filled with the blessings and grace of god. This is what Naorai is all about.

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    In a sense, Naorai can be described as gods and humankind eating and drinking together…. A Shinto shrine, again, called a Jinja in Japanese, is not where a god lives. It is unclear just when the practice known as Naorai, or customs similar to it, began. In the Nihon Shoki, the oldest written account of history in Japan, written in the beginning of the 8th century, it is noted that it was a custom since before the 5th century to take food and drink that had been offered to a god and partake of it in an all-night event.

    It seems, therefore, that this practice may have formed into a certain type of magic incantation among the tribes that lived in central and western Japan between the 3rd and 5th centuries. The form of the ceremony changed over the subsequent years but it has been passed down into modern Japan. These are actually supposed to represent offerings to the god that has come to open the new year, and are later eaten by people.

    This too has its roots in Naorai…. The most important of all the food and drink items offered to a god is sake. Sake itself if a blessing from the gods, and it created by brewing rice, another gift from the gods. Not only that, the light inebriation we feel when we drink sake is a special feeling that can be likened to being transported to another world, so it is viewed as a very special drink amongst the offerings. This is why sake is indispensable to a matsuri. Also, the sake used in such matsuri is even brewed at certain shrines as a ceremonial event. Looking at the written records remaining, the making of koji was done in the same way, but instead of using a cultivated yeast and creating a highly concentrated yeast starter as is done today, natural yeast cells were allowed to float down into the mixture to ferment it.