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Date: M Archives. Global Image Works. Film to choose Performance night in drag.

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Two french movies Two Coming-of-age films French lesbian love affair Ballet in two acts Party for people with or without disability Classic ballroom night Nurse your hangover with some karaoke She also tackles themes of sex, queer politics, drugs and guns, providing a hilariously foulmouthed yet undoubtedly touching night of personal accounts. The team behind the Xposed Queer Film Festival is hosting a cuddly get-together with live performances and music video screenings showcasing local talent. Heute zu Gast der Liveact Berlin Strawberries. Tonight features guest live act Berlin Strawberries.

The international queer film festival invites you to a cozy night full of music, videos and performances. Drown in vodka served by Olga Wodka. Popular 80sstyle gay cruising bar Dirk Sander gibt einen Einblick in die konzeptionellen Grundlagen seiner Arbeit. Sauna and cruising for guys through age 28 Dresscode underwear, topless or naked Film screening of Pussy Versus Putin, live music afterwards. Well known and highly frequented gay bar Oldies bar night Meeting place for hairy men. Berlin Strawberries, DJs Prof. Monthly gay party for people that want to dance even though work is calling the next morning An injection of cheesy pop to prevent midweek boredom.

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Das Basement beschallt A. Hard to believe, but this is the first time that scene champion DJ Divinity pictured is playing at Connection, thanks to this party series dedicated to lustfull house music. Downstairs is Italo-disco with A. Disko, and upstairs features go-go dancers under the showers. If Stahlrohr is having a birthday party, that can only mean loads of shirtless men and rows of shot glasses along the bar. Tonight the club marks the fifth anniversary of their current location. Whether friend or newcomer, all are invited to pile into the orgy.

Ripley, nach Patricia Highsmith, Regie: A literary year-end review. The influential ambient house duo celebrates the 25th year of their existence.

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Bar where you can easily end up boozing the night away with the locals Bar night with Secret Santa Retro music bar night Chill out, drink and get ready for the night All gender mashup of music, art and performances Party for women with an exclusive stage for female artists Mixed gender party event Disko Super House Karaoke for lovers and haters with party host Sampson Enjoy yourself in the dark Unleash your cum SM party, strict dresscode, entry till 1: Silent night, holy shit!

If you want your dick covered in pretty paper, then follow Nina Queer pictured to her annual Christmas celebration. Tonight her bosom buddy Brigitte Skrothum is offering free gift wrap. Or you can mix and mingle on the dancefloor as Austin, U-Seven and other DJs deck the halls with beats all night. Christmas show, also Finissage with music Schnee auf Tahiti, Weihnachtsshow. Dance theatre Galerie Studio St. Queer party with focus on new wave Italo disco night Popular club with huge darkroom. Schnee auf Tahiti, Weihnachtsshow des Chansonduos. Pop, 80s, 90s, House. Play ping pong or tabletop soccer The new monthly party for lesbians For all beard lovers and sexy babes Electrotechno, Nu Trance, Progressive.

French lesbian love affair. Seitdem hat sie sich zu einem wahren Hotspot gemausert, in dem sich Homos seit 20 Jahren zum Schwitzen, Flirten und Ficken treffen. Treibhaus was the first gay sauna to open in former East Berlin. Since then, it has grown into a true hot spot, where gay men have been convening now for 20 years for sweating, flirting and boffing.

Karaoke mit Svetlana Pall Mall.

Anniversary of the famous gay wellness meeting point. Bini Adamczak, Djay SandyDandy. Cult Christmas show with a gay couple. Sex in a disco atmosphere Love in the digital age: One-third of people living in Europe find their intimate partners on the Internet.

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Hook-up advice guides, webcam chats and girlfriend simulators — in his performance Arne Vogelgesang pictured presents a smorgasbord of im possibilities in finding a partner, inviting his audience out on a date. Actress Vanessa Stern pictured likes to work with feminine comedy and has recognized that crisis is the cultural capital of women. Every other month, she puts on an open stage exclusively for women. Of course, men are welcome as spectators.

Cult Christmas show with a gay couple An den Decks u. One of biggest allures of this monthly gay party is the garden area, which tends to lose its appeal come winter. But there will still be hundreds of club kids queueing up for a dose of techno, house and disco, and when not dancing, jampacking themselves into toilet stalls like clowns in a car.

International gay bar night. A night to meet and to exchange stuff. Drama by the Swiss author and composer Erik Gedeon Your favorite music by request Charming and quite traditional gay bar, hotspot Swing, Jive, Boogie u. Mixed-gender party with shower shows and strip surprises The queer unkosher night takes over the famous red-lit club If you love to dance and cruise to minimal tunes all night and all day — then this is the place to be!

Electro night in the hyper hip, bass-flooded dance temple. Vera Titanic pictured is known for more than just her drinking prowess. In her stage performance, she keeps the audience entertained through pure mime against an audio playback. Tonight she will be putting a bit of extra tinsel on top as she travesties her way through the night along with Emily Collier.

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This popular cruising bar recently changed ownership and the difference is noticeable. Melodramma buffo in two acts Concert and reading Popular 80sstyle cruising bar Special edition of the regular bar night with rotating DJs. Special gay party for flirty singles Grrrrlz party where you might end up sticking around Hits from all over the world Electronic groovy music for guys who love to dance.

An electrifying all-gender night that supports female DJs. Burroughs, Tom Waits, Robert Wilson. The Black Rider von William S.