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Throughout the text, the author highlights novel technical applications of mechanochemical phenomena in a variety of fields, including lubrication, biomedical engineering, pharmaceutical drug formulation, environmental protection, and practical economy. Organic Mechanochemistry and Its Practical Applications reveals how mechanochemistry was inspired by principles in various disciplines to create innovative approaches for current challenges in these fields.

Stay on CRCPress. Exclusive web offer for individuals on all book. Preview this Book. Add to Wish List. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Description Table of Contents. Summary Organic Mechanochemistry and Its Practical Applications gathers physical and organic chemistry-based molecular principles, evolving interpretations of scientific data, and real world applications to demonstrate the synthetic advantages of mechanically initiated organic reactions.

Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry of SB RAS

This book considers transformations of organic substances upon mechanical actions and explains how mechanical energy is transformed into chemical driving force. The Institute is the organizer of a number of regular international and Russian scientific events, an active participant of various exhibitions and fairs including international ones, where the achievements of the Institute make a worthy representation of Russian science.

Engineering Mechanochemistry

The staff of the Institute is employees, including about researchers. Among them, there are 24 Doctors of Science and 55 Candidates of Science.

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The functions and authorities of the incorporator of the Institute are accomplished by the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations. Toggle navigation. Modern Laboratory Instrumentation for Mechanosynthesis 1. Contamination From Wear in Organic Mechanosynthesis 1. Analysis and Monitoring of Mechanochemical Reactions Chapter 2. Carbon—Carbon Bond- Forming Reactions 2. Heck Coupling 2. Suzuki Coupling 2.

Monitoring the mechanosynthesis of cage compounds suitable for storing gases

Sonogashira Coupling 2. Glaser Coupling 2. Michael Reaction 2. Aldol Condensation 2. Morita—Baylis—Hillman Reaction 2. Knoevenagel Condensation 2. Barbier Allylation 2. Gewald Reaction 2. Pinacol Reaction 2. Grignard and McMurry Reactions 2. Grignard—Zerewitinoff-Like Reaction 2. Wittig Reaction 2. Horner—Wadsworth—Emmons Reaction 2.

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  • Asymmetric Alkylation 2. Olefin Cross-Metathesis 2. Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling 2. Reformatsky Reaction 2. Cascade Reactions 2.

    Arylaminomethylation 2. Naphthopyran Synthesis Chapter 3.

    Mechanochemical Organic Synthesis - 1st Edition

    Carbon—Nitrogen Bond-Formation Reactions 3. Synthesis of Imines 3. Synthesis of Thio semicarbazones 3.

    1st Edition

    Synthesis of Oximes 3. Synthesis of Hydrazones 3. Synthesis of Azines 3. Amide and Thioamide Bond Formation 3. Synthesis of Nitrones 3. Synthesis of Enamines and Enamine Ketones 3. Alkylation of Nitrogen 3. Synthesis of Biguanides and Guanidines 3.