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In the introduction to a paperback edition of the novel issued in , Jackson J. Benson, a Stegner biographer, writes about this controversy. This article is worth reading if you're planning to base a novel on a true story. And his ghostwriter never talked to him. Labunski details how another author, published by Regnery, claimed to have written the only work about the election of , Madison, Monroe, and the Bill of Rights--but that he based most of of it on Labunski's earlier book and failed totally to credit Labunski, who was particularly upset that he failed to acknowledge Labunski's painstaking work compiling data about that election.

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The author didn't copy words, but he did steal the fruits of Labunski's labor and pass it off as his own. Maybe that's not plagiarism but it is intellectual theft.

Amazon's erotica section is a magnet for copyright infringement, and "Amazon doesn't appear too eager to stop the forbidden author-on-author action. The editors respond.

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It Was Written. They apparently "leaned heavily" on material full of errors. Talya Zax, Forward, Yes, they specify, that includes Wikipedia. See William Logan's review of the book from Tourniquet Review, "Worse, she has plagiarized numerous passages from Wikipedia and the websites of the Academy of American Poets and the Poetry Foundation.

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Her borrowings are highlighted in bold. In the July-Sept.

The best tool, iThenticate an offshoot of Turnitin is expensive, but may be worth the investment for a publication that needs to be sure its authors have not plagiarized material. Many free tools are not reliable or accurate, says de Jager. All of these tools are aimed at material that appears online and are useless at detecting material plagiarized from books and other print publications.

See the article for her criticism of the free plagiarism checkers. That being said it seems quite logic to do the research for any topic you want to write on where? On the Internet. So when you do that and then write your own article, you are actually rewriting articles that have been written already. You feel like it's your work, and it is.

But it has been done before. By someone else. This is where The Best Spinner comes in. Since we agree that you are rewriting other peoples contents anyways, why not let a program do your work or at least help you doing it. Read the articles below, including those on reversion of rights and termination rights. Smith, Refinery 29, You must read this one, especially if you're in the music industry. In the midst of contract negotiations with its newsroom staff, the Los Angeles Times, purchased last year by biotech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, has proposed that its journalists, as a condition of employment, cede control of any books or other creative works made outside of their daily journalistic duties.

An excellent explanation of authors' rights under two entirely different forms of publishing. Dassin, CopyLaw. Information to Make Your Decision With. Copyright Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware, What to do and understand when a publisher or agent adds an addendum to a contract. Very few addendums help the writer. Books 1, 2, and 3 will be held in a joint and open account, and Publisher shall not pay Author's share of royalties and subsidiary rights income on any Book of the Work until Author's share of royalties and subsidiary rights income for all Books exceeds the total advance.

Between two and five years from now, e-book rights will become the dominant book right. If traditional publishers do not change their accounting methods now, then these accounting methods will end up costing writers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. In some cases these sales are off by a factor of 10 or more. Jane Smith, blogging at How Publishing Really Works, reminds writers to master certain principles, including the difference between copyright and publishing rights and the difference between owning a thing and owning the copyright to it.

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See many useful links at end of article. I Need a Publisher! I haven't tested it. Stiles, a member of the Authors Guild, criticizes the AA for its academic leadership and its proposals to reduce copyright protections for authors and restrict remedies for infringement. In Fair Use Has a Posse , Cory Doctorow argues that academic authors want "to make their works more widely available in public policy debates. A law created to prevent exploitation of workers among employers who avoid payroll, taxes, and benefits creates genuine problems for freelancers and independent contractors on Massachusetts.

Her message in this blog entry: You can't count on publishers to give you a fair contract and you cannot always count on agents to watch out for your interests, Read every line of every contract and educate yourself on what to watch for, or get a good intellectual property lawyer to do it for you.

WIPO Magazine. Book publishers are trying to grab electronic rights from authors whose contracts 20 years ago didn't anticipate such a thing as electronic books--and authors MUST educate themselves about the issues involved, particularly because in the new electronic age it may make more economic sense to self-publish than to be content with the measly sums that will come from print-on-demand books the publisher arranges for, just to hang on to all rights on a book. He continues: "That is practice which was unambiguously the wisest commercial course until our current and developing age of digital delivery.

Now agents or publishers having licensed rights 'narrowly' can cause books not to be available to customers who would be happy to buy them when they easily could be doing so. Fowler and Jeffrey A. Amazon's new experimental text-reading feature reads text aloud with a computer-generated voice. Fowler's helpful blog. Many excellent explanations and answers to common questions. Mark Fowler, Rights of Writers, Read the comments, too. An important discussion: "When an oral history narrator shares her story in response to questions posed by an interviewer, and the recording and transcript are deposited in an archive, who holds the rights to these historical source materials?

Who decides whether or not they may be shared with the public, quoted in a publication, or uploaded to the web? Who decides whether someone has the right to earn money from including an interview in a commercially distributed book, video, or website? Furthermore, does Creative Commons, a licensing tool developed by the open access movement to protect copyright while increasing public distribution, offer a better solution to these questions than existing oral history protocols?

Authors Guild, Taking dramatization rights breaks with industry practice. The publisher is compensating the freelancer for his or her journalism, not for speculative movie and tv deals. Authors and agents are pushing back. Agent Nat Sobel says courts have agreed with the position that contracts 20 years ago didn't include electronic rights.

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This is a big issue. Crews, ProQuest, An online manual aimed at helping reader learn and understand the copyrght issues relevant to doctoral dissertations. Also available as a poster. Can I share my work freely after assigning exclusive copyright to a publisher? How things are changing for academic authors, who in the past have given up their rights, in exchange for credits they valued for career advancement. Transforming Scholarly Communication, University of Minnesota. Onward, academic authors! Steven Bachrach,R.

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Toward end of Authors' Rights and Publishers' Rights Grabs are more entries on who owns which rights to interviews. Know when to walk. And by the way: I am a freelance journalist. Do I need to buy liability insurance? Annalyn Kurtz, CJR, "Do not make the mistake of buying a basic general liability policy online, without considering some intricacies of media law. Before that: The Kindle Swindle? Roy Blount Jr.

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This borders on quixotic, given all the new ways of not getting paid that new technology affords authors. Serves readers, pays writers: so far, so good. Kindle 2 can read books aloud. And Kindle 2 is not paying anyone for audio rights.