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October 30, - Published on Amazon.

And How it All Began…

How did I miss this one back in ! Sabrina Jeffries is on my "buy anything with her name on it" list. I'm so glad I happened on it! As always, true love is a hard battle for our lovers.

The School for Heiresses

Lucas is an American Marine looking for the man and woman who destroyed his life. Amelia is a bored young lady, who will do almost anything for her small family and adventure. She dreams of visiting far off lands and being caught up in some mysterious adventure. She meets Lucas while carrying out a small, but of course, somewhat dangerous adventure.

From then on, it's a struggle to deny what is happening to them both. Of course they fall in love, but will the past get in the way? Will Lucas be able to conquer his demons? Will Amelia be able to put up with him until he realizes what is more important than the past? I loved the book, but I was quite taken by the authors notes at the end. Every reader will find her touching words sad and feel proud of our past heroes!

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Wonderful wonderful ending! January 29, - Published on Amazon. Lady Amelia Plume loves adventure, so when one of her friends asks her to deliver a private letter to their host's bedroom during a ball, Amelia cannot resist. When she gets to the second floor family suites, she unwittingly enters the wrong bedroom.

Seduced by the Scoundrel Danger & Desire

She soon discovers that it is the bedroom of her host's American cousin, Major Lucas Winters. She had been watching this new visitor and is curious about him, so she decides to explore a little. Amelia glances through the American's papers lying on his desk. To her surprise and chagrin, she sees that Major Winters has been investigating her own stepmother for theft!!! Alarmed, she rushes into the hallway, and she had not taken two steps, when Major Winters appears in the hallway, apparently headed to his room! Amelia decides right there to play dumb and see if she can find out why the major would suspect her sweet stepmother of any wrong-doing.

Major Winters already knew the very pretty Lady Plume was the stepdaughter of his quarry, Dorothy Frier, and he had the same plan to find Dorothy through Amelia.

Never Seduce A Scoundrel : Sabrina Jeffries :

The contest of wills and strategy are both engaging and fun. Major Winters, nor Lady Plume, can hardly think of their combative goals, for the attraction takes center stage! Sabrina Jeffries is a master at love scenes. She does not just give us a recitation of the same anatomy lesson we get in most romance books. Jeffries infuses her love scenes with love talk, sweet nothing's, funny banter, and palpable, intense passion.

One does not have to endure a sex scene that mimics porn. This author knows how to evoke the love, the reverence, the respect, the magic of discovery that two lovers experience when falling in love. The story is driven by a very original plot.

The H is an American war hero who hates the English, but who must serve his country by doing this investigation about a husband and wife team who have stolen large sums of money from the U. The h is a woman determined to experience more than just a so-so marriage steeped in boring tradition, and she is sure that her new stepmother could never do anything untoward, let alone, illegal.

This author always furthers the plot by action and dialogue, with little emphasis on head talk. Thank you. To me, nothing is more boring than constant explanation through the conscious mind.

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The mystery in this book kept me guessing and turning the page. The School for Heiresses And How it All Began… After heiress Charlotte elopes with a dashing soldier named Jimmy Harris, who runs through her entire inheritance before having the good sense to get himself killed in a duel, she vows to keep other young women from making her mistake. Book Titles Note: These books are a series in the sense that they are set in a shared world and some characters make appearances in later books.

Do not become annoyed when he laughs. Bite him hard, but not when he has his pistol aimed at you. Sing ballads about the downfall of criminals at the top of your lungs.

Run away, if possible. Avoid tangling with Highland wildcats while doing so. Kick him hard in the shins, but be prepared for a tussle in the bracken afterward.

Flirt with his accomplice. Be careful not to let that land you in even more trouble. From Mrs. Harris Some men are like fresh croissants—delicious to look at, but filled with hot air. Elopements may be quick, but bad marriages last forever.

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A kiss does not obligate anyone to anything. Swooning is for old ladies and fools. Many a scandal lies behind a smooth smile. Never take a man at face value. Your duty to your family is to marry well; your duty to yourself is to marry happily. Take care what man you let across your moat. Within days on all pre-paid orders Within days on all Cash on Delivery orders Same day delivery in Lahore on orders placed till 1 pm [working days only].

Sabrina Jeffries is the NYT bestselling author of over 50 romance novels and works of short fiction some written under the pseudonyms Deborah Martin and Deborah Nicholas. Whatever time not spent writing in a coffee-fueled haze is spent traveling with her husband and adult autistic son or indulging in one of her passions--jigsaw puzzles, chocolate, and music. With over 9 million books in print in 20 different languages, the rth Carolina author never regrets tossing aside a budding career in academics for the sheer joy of writing fun fiction, and hopes that one day a book of hers will end up saving the world.

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