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A still from the film.

I got that right too. And I had to just pat myself in the back — because there was no one around to do it. The rest of the world — I mean my little world — was busy mourning my pathetic knowledge of variable equations and theorems. So I just had to do what I had to do: Devise a quiz show in which all the laurels were mine.

I played this programme in the privacy of a minuscule garden in my ancestral home, with a hundred bloodthirsty mosquitoes and fat caterpillars as a faithful audience. My knowledge of the multiplication tables, however, was not fiction. I still get them right but Matilda did them best.

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Penchant for creating poetry, not just reading it. But Matilda was not meant to be a warmer of any kind. Her above-average intelligence made her painfully aware of her surroundings — being an unwanted, neglected child in a family of four — apart from helping her plan little acts of revenge on bullies her father, for example, an uncouth businessman who thought her no more than a piece of furniture. These acts of revenge were not the result of ego clashes.


Matilda simply knew how to stand up for herself. Burying her face in the books at the public library — under the loving gaze of Mrs Phelps, the librarian — Matilda travelled the world while sitting in her room in an English village. And the widening of the horizons of her mind brought on the realisation that her family, one that loved mooching around a television set over cold fish-and-chips or meat stew with mashed peas, would do nothing to nurture her dreams. The loneliness of Matilda, the child-genius who also has a musical and a film to her name, may bring a lump in your throat.

Her love for crunching numbers connects with a career in astrophysics. Wanderlust, both mental and physical, makes her the ideal globetrotter. And who better than a voracious learner to head the prestigious British Library in London? Since it was first published, Matilda has sold 17 million copies.

There are various theories for this spike in sales.

Miss Honey’s Cottage & More Sets from the Movie “Matilda”

Chief among them is that parents are finally choosing inspirational female literary characters for their offspring. But for many, Matilda is not an icon. At any age, she is one good companion to have. Big data can support a wide range of medical services but patient privacy is a concern. A handshake here, a high-five there, amazing energy boosters! Air pollution kills. Educationist SV Chittibabu turned just days ago. A remarkable milestone that gets better when you are told An in-depth analysis of hybrid mutual funds that juggle various asset classes to give you good risk-adjusted We show how India can Noise is the default backdrop setting to the modern world and its pervasiveness has placed silence on a Members of a remote nunnery in Nepal have been learning and spreading the word on self-defence in villages and Matilda asks permission to live with Miss Honey, to which her parents rather uninterestedly agree.

So both she and Miss Honey find their happy ending, and the school's atmosphere and curriculum have overwhelmingly improved under Mr.

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Wormwood was based on a real-life character from Roald Dahl's home village of Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire. The novel was made into the film Matilda in Wormwood and narrated the story. The musical has since done a US tour and opened in July in Australia. The stage version has become hugely popular with audiences and praised by critics, and won multiple Olivier Awards in the UK and Tony Awards in the US. The actress Kate Winslet provides the English-language audiobook recording of Matilda.

One of Miss Trunchbull's punishments is to force an overweight child, Bruce Bogtrotter, to eat an enormous chocolate cake, which makes him so full that he cannot move. He had been found guilty of stealing cake from the kitchen.

Matilda’s new adventures at astrophysicist, explorer or bookworm | Books | The Guardian

In Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes one of the recipes is based on that cake; whereas Bruce is a more sympathetic variation of Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and similar gluttons, and made something of a hero by finishing the cake without suffering nausea.

A young girl has power within her finger to do things to other people when she gets emotional about a cause she feels strongly about.

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Celebrating 30 years of the book's publication in October , original illustrator Quentin Blake imagined what Matilda might be doing as a grown up woman today. He drew images of her undertaking various possible roles, including an explorer, an astrophysicist, running the British Library , and others. Somewhere in our heart of hearts we never want Matilda to grow up — we want her to be like Peter Pan , eternally young.

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Happy birthday, Matilda!

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