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Maggots Promote Healing Fly larvae can debride and help heal chronic wounds in a form of biosurgery. As strange as it sounds, maggot therapy is often a patient's last chance to prevent amputation of a limb. The results of maggot therapy have been impressive in treating diabetic foot ulcers, slow-healing wounds resulting from circulatory problems, and pressure sores in bed-bound patients: over a majority of these wounds - many of them in existence for years - heal without pain or side effects. This text contains extensive, reader-friendly information on maggot therapy.

Maggot Therapy: A Handbook of Maggot-Assisted Wound Healing

There is an overview of the pertinent fly species, a history of maggot therapy, and information on maggots' mode of action and application. In addition to detailed descriptions of the clinical problems for which maggots can be used, there are case studies and questions and answers from medical practice. Complimentary copies are available to teaching faculty for review prior to course adoption. Please complete this form to request a complimentary copy.

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  • 1. Introduction?
  • Mechanisms of Maggot-Induced Wound Healing: What Do We Know, and Where Do We Go from Here?.

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Maggot Therapy: A Handbook of Maggot-Assisted Wound Healing

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Maggot Therapy A Handbook of Maggot-Assisted Wound Healing

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