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Adopters increase the ROI of acquisition costs , particularly as the average goes up once the low-hanging fruit of early adopters are used up. Loyal, engaged customers also allow the product to deepen and expand its functionality in a more meaningful way. Instead of constantly adding new things to try and entice trial, product teams can focus on meatier features and capabilities that deepen engagement, creating even more loyalty and higher switching costs for adopters. And those loyal customers also become a force multiplier when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing. While loyalty programs may be more commonplace for burrito joints and airlines, rewarding customers for their repeat business is a time-honored method for encouraging behaviors.

Mobile games have turned the dopamine-driven, urgency-creating promise of rewards into an industry standard; prompting users to keep dropping their virtual quarters into the machine for the promise of additional perks, points, and prizes. You want to be able to keep those who come onboard.

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Sometimes loyalty programs are built directly into the product such as ecommerce apps offering points toward rewards for repeat usage, i. Other products limit these programs to external marketing activities, such as referral programs that provide mutual discounts to both the referrer and referee think personalized promo codes.

If you want customers to love a product and use it regularly, then it must be sticky. This means designing a user experience that puts those benefits front-and-center for customers.

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If this can be gamified to incentivize further engagement for additional rewards, all the better. If customer loyalty is a goal, then it must be measured to track progress toward achieving and maintaining it. There are plenty of metrics to choose from, but here are some go-to selections for adding this yardstick to your dashboard:.

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A single metric may be misleading or too dependent on seasonality to provide a full picture of customer loyalty. Is it reliability and dependability?

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Familiarity and simplicity? Belonging to a community you connect with? Or is it impeccable personalized customer service? Talk to your loyal customers, your frequent buyers, your heavy users and ask them why they keep coming back for more. The developers will handle it. Product management is one of the least-defined roles in the professional world.

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Support Sign In. Features Pricing Enterprise Integrations Security. Shifting the focus to loyalty For the sales and marketing team, that download was the win. Marketing Marketing should be encouraged to look beyond capturing customers and focusing just as much on how to keep them active and engaged.

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Sales While sales is often overlooked when it comes to building customer loyalty, they play an integral role in determining who tries and buys the product. We also provide ongoing adherence coaching for patients to help them overcome barriers, set expectations and deter drop off. For replacement cards and support for pharmacists, please visit copayhelp.

This white paper outlines the solutions that manufacturers can use to support regulatory compliance to screen patients for Medicare Part D during co-pay discount program enrollment. Learn how to use patient savings programs to mitigate the risk of financially motivated primary fill abandonment and its negative consequences.

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PDF 98 KB. BLOG Leveraging Patient Savings Programs to Reduce Prescription Abandonment Learn how to use patient savings programs to mitigate the risk of financially motivated primary fill abandonment and its negative consequences.

Read More. Related Solutions. RxCrossroads Affordability Solutions for Biopharma Companies Lower patient costs, drive adherence, and improve health outcomes using RxCrossroads' leading suite of copay solutions and free trial vouchers. Visit Page. RxCrossroads Adherence Solutions for Biopharma Companies Improve medication adherence and patient health outcomes with behavioral and clinical-support solutions.