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It is a funny short film about Muriel, a woman who lives with her attractive friend Pippa, who has many admirers. Throwaway is a short film made with the Sweetworld Collective. A dining couple has a quarrel that appears as a balloon on their heads. Incomprehension increases until the final collapse. In the end, peace is restored, but for how long?

Ensby also made the special animation effects for Girls in Love — , a live-action series based on the popular teenage books by British writer Jacqueline Wilson. It uses pencil on paper, soft colours, stylized figures, and slow and shivery animation. Higgins then collaborated on three eight-foot mosaic panels for the Machynileth Museum of Modern Art and worked on Famous Fred , directed by Joanna Quinn.

Afterward, he returned to London to join Picasso Pictures as an animation director. In , Channel 4 planned a TV season on disability. After a long time studying the subject, Tim Webb — helped by Dick Arnall — made an animated documentary, A is for Autism It animates paintings made by autistic people.

Simple and snappy, the film takes a warm look at the world of autistic youngsters and adults. It uses their stories, live footage, and commentary in a way that enthrals and educates. The film became a reference work both for autism and animation studies, winning awards and acknowledgements.

Kelpie looks similar to a seahorse and drags its victims into the lake. Ewan, a brave young boy in the Highlands, fights Kelpie and wins in a terrific battle. Kunyi Chen made Rien using pencil on paper. A little girl tries to learn French; the images and letters intersect with words and sounds. As noted earlier please see Vol. Wimbledon, UK, 18 January is a famous illustrator specializing in books for children including The Snowman , made into a film directed by Dianne Jackson in , and When the Wind Blows , made into an animated feature by Jimmy Teru Murakami in Briggs also wrote the original screenplay for Ivor the Invisible , directed in by Hilary Audus.

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The crosswise images of metamorphosis focus on bees and beekeepers. Karen Kelly graduated in animation from the Royal College of Art in Her most notable film is Stressed , about the daily tensions and stresses affecting people in a suburb. The technique is crayons on paper and traditional 2D animation. The drawings are full of confused lines, with vibrant and violent colours. The animator is shown as he creates the story; the characters and scenery change gradually with his thought.

Made in 3D, the eight-and-a-half-minute film features the two sad employees of a funeral director who go through dark and creepy swamps and woods but end up in Beyond, a happy and colourful land. She has made two short films and one animated series. The animated series 64 Zoo Lane was conceived by Vrombat in and broadcast in It tells the story of Lucy, a little girl who lives next to a zoo full of funny animals, which become her friends.

Every night Lucy enters the zoo by sliding down the long neck of the giraffe Georgina, and every animal tells her a story.

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Brian Wood has a particular animation style: dark, grotesque, and politically incorrect. His first notable work is Mr Jessop , made with black backgrounds, sharp and stylized drawings, white pencil, and crayon. A little man leaves home to buy something in a mall, a sick and stupid Heaven of Consumerism. In this dark and lonely world, everyone is miserable and intolerance and neurosis reign. The animation is frenetic, irregular, and confusing.

A group of kids get drunk and insult classmates and teachers at a high school party. The Cramp Twins — is an animated series about twins Lucien and Wayne. They live in the town of Soap City with a mother obsessed with cleaning and a father addicted to western movies. Daniel Austin b. Tiny Planets — is an animated series about a funny alien and his weird dog, called Bing and Bong, who explore the universe from the comfort of their couch.

Ivanhoe / by Sir Walter Scott

The latter were all made for the British Department of Transportation to teach road safety to children. Many video artist animators decided to experiment with animation and created works halfway between two artistic worlds.

They resemble old art deco advertisements. His graduation film, Amore Baciami , should be described as the first kinetic typographical film. A girl in a wood is followed by a big bad wolf, watched on screen by a mad scientist.

hostthistredekab.tk With the full moon, the scientist becomes a werewolf. He loses his mind and is mad to possess the world. It is a kind of strange anatomy book, animating drawings of desperate hands and skeletal faces. Reeza Dolatabadi made the puppet animation short Octo-Dancing in An octopus dances in an aquarium, with electro music in the background. Koda was made with computer graphics, 3D, and 2D. Composed of more than 6, paintings, it is a short psycho thriller exploring the potential and fears of the human mind. Kayla Parker b. Birmingham, 16 June explored subjectivity and sense of place.

She used animation, photography, performance, found objects, drawing, writing, and digital technologies. As an artist, Parker chose animation because of its unlimited possibilities. While at art college she cofounded the feminist video and performance group Dark Bananas. While there, she made her first 16mm film, Adult Day Return She continued to develop her practice as an experimental filmmaker and presented work at Plymouth Arts Centre and Watershed Media Centre, Bristol.

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She has been based in Plymouth since December She made three films for Animate. Cage of Flame explores menstrual dreams, using a combination of live-action, puppet animation, and scratching on the film to convey haunting and powerful imagery. Sunset Strip is about a day-by-day diary showing a year of sunsets, rendered directly onto 35mm film stock using various materials including nail varnish, magnolia petals, hair, and net stocking. Time-lapse becomes transcendent in this record of light and cloud.

The third film was Teign Spirit The company has produced many innovative projects including films for satellite-driven screenings in bars and clubs across the UK and social short films and adverts on behalf of disabled people and the environment. David Anderson b. London, 20 July was another artist whose practice lay between animation and video art. Made with silhouette animation, it shows a small train crossing a nocturnal, enchanted landscape.

He collaborated with the writer Russell Hoban to make Deadsy and Door Deadsy is close to video art, mixing 2D traditional animation, CGI, and live-action. Deadsy is a neo-punk figure who eats live insects and loves everything that is dark and deadly. The narrator is a 3D rolling head.

Door is an animated documentary made for Channel 4, with puppet animation. The setting is a post-apocalyptic world marked by confusion and the loss of language. In Anderson made In the Time of Angels , another animated documentary. Its themes include traumatic events and the belief that memories are imprisoned in various items, to be freed when the subject realizes and metabolizes his lived drama.

JoWOnder b. Taplow, began as a painter. She studied filmmaking more formally at the National Film and Television School. Her friendship with the Brothers Quay was very encouraging to her, although her work is influenced more by fine art, especially that made by women in the twentieth century. During her artistic career, JoWOnder combined animation, art, and classic drama.

While there, she produced the live-action The Discreet Call of Nature , about the inner desires of a group of town people on a country trip. Two-dimensional paper figures, puppet animation, and live-action are used to tell the story of a man who falls in love with a dancer he sees on the top of a skyscraper. JoWOnder made the paintings over a six-day period, filming them in time-lapse.

The installation invites members of the public to leave voicemail messages for Ophelia.

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His graduation movies are Anyway and Jukebox Anyway made with 2D traditional animation, computer graphics, and clay animation is a surreal artwork with weird and graceless images. Jukebox was also made in 2D traditional animation and computer graphics, adding paints and pictures. A boy walks along the streets of a suburban town, meeting strange people, weird animals, and hallucinations.

In Wrake made Ping Batter Pong , showing a ping-pong battle between a modern man and a cowboy. He likes to use collages like Max Ernst, mixed with hand drawings and Super 8 short films, in a quick and dense mix of different styles. For soundtracks he favours digital and electronic sounds, metropolitan music, and collaborations with artists such as Howie B, Manu Chao, and The Charlatans.

He also made music video clips and commercials. The myth of purity is upset: the main child characters are evil, and the apparently idyllic landscape hides dangers and cruelty. The music was by Howie B. The Control Master is a short commissioned by Veer, the Canadian visual elements agency, to promote their Charles S.