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I am a veteran who struggles with severe depression and anxiety. It seems like the depression keeps progressing and wonder if this ketamine treatment would help. Would the VA have access to or pay for my treatments? I am not a vet myself but a lot of my pals are; it is not an easy road to escape depression but sure pays off!

Good luck! My daughter was disabled due to profound depression for about 20 years. She made several suicide attempts. Eventually she was past the age of 30 when she underwent ketamine infusions. She needed 9 infusions to experience the remission that you described you experienced for 8 days, Karen. So after the initial 6 were completed she went back for another a month later, then another 2 months after that, and another 3 months later.

Ketamine clinics promise depression treatment, but some stray from the evidence

They mention Dr. Calabrese in this article. She talks about how hormone imbalances can prevent you from reaching remission, as well as other blood levels. I had my first ketamine infusions in October at Restore Ketamine in Florida. I had no side effects and after the first one, I had no depression, no dread, no fear, and felt like smiling for the first time in years. I felt like a normal person…bad things happened, good things happened and I just took them in stride and used the tips and techniques that my therapists and books had taught me over the years. I could understand and incorporate them in to my life.

POWERFUL Recovery Story - Health Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, & Depression - Meet TREY JONES!

Eight days later, I went back to the way that I was before the infusions in terms of my depression. I wish that my recovery had lasted but now, I know that I will live with depression for the rest of my life and just have to try to make the best of it. Also, many people suffer from adrenal deficiency, which is Never talked about by doctors or tested for in hospitals.

Hope Filled Recovery from Depression and Anxiety

It effects the persons ability to handle stress, pain, and causes depression, and lethargia. You may want to get tested for that. I was found to have it in my 40s after a doctor suggested I get tested for it. This is for Karen that went to the clinic in Florida called Restore Ketamine.

You can try TMS which is for resistant Depression. I knew a girl that tried everything before this therapy and nothing worked until she did 6 weeks of TMS and she is amazed how well she feels for the first time ever she does not have depression. Thank you for your reply. I did do TMS everyday for 6 weeks. After the first 2 weeks, my depression started lifting. After that, it got worse and worse with every day that I went to the point that I had worse depression at the end than when I started. I also felt that TMS affected me cognitively and it left me with a permanent ache on the lower left side of my head.

I wish that the affects of ketamine were longer lasting. I find it astonishing that no one ever mentions the fact that ketamine is not metabolized by the CYP2D6 enzyme, as almost all psych drugs are. OF COURSE some folks find enormous relief, if for no other reason that they can use ketamine without feeling as though they are slowly being murdered.

At least the industry will finally test prior to prescribing the noninvasive cheekswab is fully reimbursable in all states if only because they see the dollar signs at the bottom of the therapeutic k-hole.

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I notice the outcomes data in the esketamine trials are not nearly as shiny as the anecdotal stories coming out of the stand alone clinics. I wonder if the formulation or mechanism changed significantly? Anyway, I liked the old model, where people voluntarily go to a clinic, pay for it themselves, try it, and if it works them, keep purchasing it.

That is the exact opposite of the way psychiatry works in the real world. The only hitch was it was only for rich people.

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BUT, you watch! The behavioral health industry which, as this article points out, does NOT have the careful technical ability or medical know-how to oversee the administration of this drug will ruin it for everyone somehow, big time. Back in , after 20 years of different antidepressants, and my therapist was fired and its very difficult to get psychiatrists who take Medicare I tried blackmarket ketamine and it did wonders for up to a week.

Before this I only previously sought substance abuse help for alcohol, 10 years prior, during a divorce. Soon thereafter I gave it up an attempted 12 step meetings, but suicidal impulses, among other symptoms, returned. For the cost of treatment, I might as well go to the jungle in Peru and get ayahuasca. My husband experienced 9 ketamine treatments. I was sitting with him in the room during the procedure. It was in an office of anesthesiologist in Spring, TX. After the session he felt better, but it lasted until the next morning, sometimes little bit longer. Then again he was feeling depressed.

After a month after the last session his state is worse than it was before.

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I know it can be even more expensive. It is a nice business, I would say. Ketamine initially was said to be only a short term remedy for depression. That info kind of dropped off as the doctors saw dollar signs in their push to get it legalized for general use.

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It is a very dangerous drug. But did they tell us nicotine, alcohol, and any of the other drugs that have killed so many. People find out the hard way. I actually wanted to respond to Bonnie Stanley. Ketamine is actually safe. Anesthesiologists routinely give dosages several times more than in depression treatments. The real problem here is that it is off-patent, meaning not profitable enough for pharmaceutical companies to research.

Bonnie has grabbed the entirely wrong end of the stick, here. I just finished 4 treatments over the past two weeks. I have to say I do not like them. I know people who do but they are not for me. First, I did not like at all how they made me feel. Very disassociated. One of the treatments had me feeling I was losing my mind and would never recover. That feeling went on throughout the day and into the evening.

I wish I would have stopped after the first treatment.