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Specifically, one of our leaders, who has a degree in Physics from the University of Chicago, enjoys coming up with these riddles. This year, despite the collaboration of our entire high school group, we can't get anything out of this riddle, and we would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

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Here it is: I see places hidden in my memories. I know this is incredibly vague, but in the past, these riddles have always been doable. Additionally, they have transitioned in recent years from codes to more textual riddles. For example, the riddle last year was "I'm famous for what I do not have" and the answer was Costa Rica Costa Rica doesn't have a military. Also, we may be going on a trip with a certain youth organization, in which case the following locations are possibilities: Navajo Nation, Arizona Pawley's Island, South Carolina Montana not sure of exact location Honduras again, not sure of the exact location We don't know if were going with this organization or not, but it's something to keep in mind.

We're also probably more likely than not to stay in the US, but the only thing have been told for sure is that the location is not Costa Rica or Colorado. Any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated! The location will be disclosed on Sunday, so we only have four days to try to break our losing streak against this leader we haven't been able to solve any of his clues for the past two years. Thanks again! Related General Discussion News on Phys. Sounds like a fun challenge. Gold Member. Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing is a popular branch of Ranch Dressing, so the "ranch dressing" was a clue to "hidden valley" which was a clue to the hidden valley ski area.

It was definitely not a straightforward as the Stephen King clue. So the clue is: I see places hidden in my memories. I'm not smart at all. And in my own not-smartness I think very famous Memoirs probably have clues. Based on what? Propped up on chairs, and too weak to walk, Grant worked to finish the book.

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Friends, admirers and even a few former Confederate opponents made their way to Mount MacGregor to pay their respects. Grant finished the manuscript on July 18; he died five days later. Last edited: Feb 4, I see places hidden in my memories. Some of these devices can use encryption "hiding" the memories, so to speak.

Okay, maybe that's a long shot. One thing I should add - our youth group often goes on trips that are oriented around volunteering, teambuilding, or outdoor activities; in the past we've helped build a playground at an impoverished school in Costa Rica and gone on teambuilding trip with lots of outdoor activities in Colorado.

Psinter said:. The voice of Enrique Iglesias fills the room when he does his signature Hero performance.

Of course, back then my mother would critique my work … by spanking me. By his teens, the young, and yes, sometimes starving artist, took an unusual path to hone what would become his signature talent. Pretty soon I was doing a sort of speed painting, working on four or five small pieces at a time, jumping from canvas to canvas on my street setup. I remember times when I had bandages on my fingers and had a bucket of ice water nearby to soak the pain out of my hands. But he also noticed that when he was in the throes of creating multiple pieces of art at the same time, crowds would gather around to watch, not just to see the finished product, but to witness the performance itself.

Maybe I could cut it down to two or three hundred. It was infectious. And it was the beginning of an artistic act he has now taken to Presidential Inaugural balls in Washington, D. He says it may have started to come together in grade school when he also started studying martial arts, a dedication for which he has continued for the past 40 years. The rift lasted for several years until when Israel invited his father to an undisclosed event in Washington, D. Israel put his father up in a downtown hotel and met him at the venue where he would be performing.

Tangerine by Edward Bloor. Environmentalism, prejudice, bullying and economic disparity are all covered in this excellent novel for middle school age kids.

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Told by Paul Fisher, a seventh grade boy who is legally blind but does not remember how that happened, the story begins when his family moves from Houston to a gated community in Tangerine Florida. Paul tries to fit in to his new school and community, but he is bullied by kids at school and not allowed to play soccer there due to his "disability".

His parents favor his older brother Paul, a rising football star whose bullying they ignore. When Paul has the opportunity to transfer to another school and play on their soccer team, he does so eagerly even though it is a tough inner-city school. Despite the racism and economic disparity, Paul makes friends there and finds the strength to do what he needs to do. Totally excellent book.

  1. Hiding Places: A Memoir from the Pirate Princess of Tybee Island by Deborah Elizabeth Merriman.
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  3. Mylor: The Most Powerful Horse in the World.

This book is interesting and informative. The first part of the book explains the science of weight loss including the effects of allergies, hormones and more. The author states that antihistamines used to combat allergy symptoms may also trigger weight gain. That is bad news for me. Part two of the book is the SMTH program which the author calles a "live-it", that basically looks like an elimination type diet.

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Part three is the recipes. The recipes explain what benefits the ingredients have for your health. Many of the recipes include ingredients that are difficult to find like spirulina or chlorella powder, job's tears, celeriac root, hemp seeds, maca powder or ashwagandha powder, coconut butter, ambrosia apple slices,vitamin C crystals and rolled quinoa flakes. I have looked for rolled quinoa flakes in the healthy food sections of four different grocery stores including Sprouts and Trader Joes, but have not found them.

The book does, however, include a resource section at the end that tells where you can order some of those items online. I do plan to try some of the recipes but I will most likely substitute for or eliminate the more obscure ingredients. While I gave the other two books 5 stars, I am only giving this one 4 for several reasons. I do love the series, and I like the characters, but this book stretched things a bit too far in some ways.

There was too much description of all the fighting and I finally started skimming those scenes because it was just too much. Antil's character seemed overly hateful and evil. The ending just somehow was not totally satisfactory. I did enjoy the book though and look forward to reading others from this author.

Fantastic second book in this excellent series! Errol is put under another compulsion, this time to go kill Valon or die trying. Martin finds out more about the church and it's past - things that no other priests know. With romance, action, fighting, war, politics and fantasy, this is a thrilling novel! I look forward to reading the third book. Cleary, Andy Rowland Illustrations. Silly haiku poems Colorful illustrations And lantern poems too Fill this cute picture book. It is cute and silly and a fun way to teach the haiku and lantern forms of poetry to children.

I think that it would be great to have in all school libraries! I received this book as an e-book free to review from Netgalley. I would love to have a paper copy of it because - well, I prefer hard copies of cookbooks and it is so beautiful and useful.

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The book has recipes arranged by seasons and is beautifully adorned with photographs of vegetables growing in gardens, freshly picked, and cooked in recipes. On the bottom of each recipe page is an area to write your own notes. The recipes are often unique - like fried lemons and bacon popped popcorn, contain lots of butter and heavy cream and have good cooking tips. I learned that you can put lettuce in soup, and that if you soak potato wedges in ice water for 30 minutes before baking them, they come out crispy without being deep fried.

I would have liked to see more photographs of the actual recipes themselves because I could not figure out how the summer squash lasagna rolls would work - does squash hang out the ends?