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Because his seminary class had often discussed the importance of following the Spirit, Bryce felt confident about sharing his promptings. The other Scouts are glad he did.

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I feel like smiling and I feel more love toward other people. That is the kind of language all seminary students can trust, whether they are Deaf or hearing. It is the language of the Spirit, and it carries to their hearts a witness of what is true.


Text Settings. Show Hide. However, some symptoms you may notice include tiredness, confusion, chest pain, nosebleed, irregular heartbeat and noise or buzzing in your ears. A workout routine may increase your blood pressure, causing you to hear your heartbeat in your ears. You may have a condition known as exercise hypertension in which your blood pressure rises abnormally during physical exertion.

An abnormal heart rhythm, or arrhythmia, can cause various symptoms. Often, people with arrhythmia feel their hearts pounding in their chests or notice that their heart seems to skip beats. Occasionally, people with this disorder can hear their heart beat in their ears.

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Cases of arrhythmia can be normal or mild, requiring no treatment. However, arrhythmia can also be a sign of a more serious disorder. Exercise-induced arrhythmia occurs when you exercise and increase your heart rate.

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In some cases, you may need medications to treat the abnormal heart rhythm. It has a good, solid storyline. Each episode building up to a satisfying ending. The family dynamics are quite interesting. It had well-defined characters. The characters, the changes that some of them have undergone, drew me in and got me hooked.

Min Soo summed up their relationship very well! Dong Joo, born wealthy but, nonetheless, very unasssuming both as a child and as a man.

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I loved this character! The love between Dong Joo and Woo Ri will satisfy those who are suckers for romance. And Kim Jae Won played him to a tee! Nam Gung Min was also perfect as Joon Ha. Lee Hye-Young, beautiful, great actor. Overall, great story, great acting. I fully recommend this as a must-watch drama. Yohanna Veshanya Oct 08 am I love this drama! This drama really touched my heart. Thank you, producer, writer and director of this drama. Sung Aug 31 pm Kim Sae Ron! She's a cute actress. I prefer her over Kim Yoo Jung.

Neiba Jung Aug 06 am I've never seen such type beautiful drama. Nyeiba Jung Aug 06 am I've never seen such type of beautiful drama, it makes my blood hot and emotion. Kim Sae Ron you're my model, I jst fall in love with you Forgiveness, here, is not cheap, either. I started watching for Mr. NewKDramaAddict Dec 20 am This was a wonderful drama; did not care the ending as much but overall, it flowed and had a story to tell. There were no love triangles, per se, which I hate. Even though Dong-Joo's mother had an ulterior motive for taking Ma-ru; she never mistreated him.

The acting by all was phenomenal! It truly touches human hearts as well as difficulties and struggles in life that Love cannot surpass I congratulate all that is behind this drama Forgiveness, unconditional love, acceptance, and what is more touching is the drama's perception and sensitivity to people who are physically challenged.

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I love the treatment and process of acceptance of someone who is shut off from sounds and voices for all his life and someone who is branded as "foolish" but, these two people represents in their character portrayal that what seemed to be lacking in them are not "lacking" at all because they are so capable of what it takes to be truly human, that is, someone who can love and forgive God bless Jang Joon Ha!

MonikaB Aug 07 am Excellent drama! The well written script held my attention for the 30 episodes. The actors all did a very good job. KJW forever May 13 pm It's a must to watch it Hopefully it won't be a too long series to watch as people will get bored.

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Violeta Apr 18 pm Super interesting drama, and I thought that dramas with a lot of episodes are boring. I watched 6 episodes already and I'm really satisfied. But I guess we'll have to wait for more episodes to see if this is going to be as good as it's start. Fingers crossed. Well, as for now, I really recommend everyone to watch it You need to enable JavaScript to vote. Leave a Comment Name required Mail required but will not be published Website Comments Shnt Jun 02 pm Watch it when this drama aired in my country.

And and and all the OST!!!

I hope Kim jaw wan will come back in screen soon. Anyone knows the name of it?