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Debt sustainability analyses for Italy, Spain and Portugal: assessment and recommendations Intereconomics, European View, Intereconomics, Wirtschaftsdienst, Ein differenzierter Blick auf das zweite Griechenland-Hilfspaket Wirtschaftsdienst, Japan: Spezielle Vorprodukte werden knapp Wirtschaftsdienst, Orientierungen zur Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftspolitik, Bd.

Doha im Koma — was auf dem Spiel steht ifo Schnelldienst, Rankings of international competitiveness in comparison CESifo Forum, This part of the project will serve as the basis for further training of national judges. The research partners will nominate English speaking judges in the New Member States who will be invited to the Seminar in Vienna 2. Furthermore, a homepage will be created and up-dated from where the data can be loaded down free of charge in Czech, German, Hungarian, Polish and Slovene.

Besonderes Augenmerk wird auf die Positionen der jeweiligen Regierungen, politischen Parteien und der relevanten politischen Institutionen z. Welche Teilnehmer an der engeren Zusammenarbeit sind absehbar? Wie werden die bevorstehenden Erweiterungsrunden die Formen flexibler Integration beeinflussen? Specific changes of the national legal system due to its interplay with the supranational legal order will be identified. The cases reported will be commented, compiled, translated and disseminated in courts, training and documentation centres in the respective official language of the new Member States in the form of eif-working papers and CDs.

Thereby the data on commented cases dealing with EC law and questions referred for a preliminary ruling will be accessible to law applicants in these new Member States. Ein weiteres Ziel besteht darin, die Mengersche Methode auf die Analyse der Entstehung moderner Finanzsysteme und der Entwicklung neuer, elektronischer Zahlungssysteme anzuwenden.

This book provides the first full English translation of Menger's seminal article Geld - one of the most influential papers on the origin of money. The editors aim to facilitate a broader and more detailed discussion of Menger's method, theory and findings.

His institutional approach is then applied and extended to the analysis of the evolution of payments systems, focusing in particular on electronic money, on its institutional character, and on monetary policy. He built on the work of Adam Smith, showing how money evolved as a result of individuals trying to better themselves and was not, as some have claimed, an invention of a benevolent state. I should are finding this book years ago. The content is really interesting. I reread this book every year or more and also have created my own, personal cliff note i review regularly.

I cannot recommend it enough. This book is a MUST read for everyone!


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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. The Substitute People! Geldtheorie, Geldpolitik Ergebnisse Die Ergebnisse sind schwer auf einen gemeinsamen Nenner zu bringen. Vielen Dank! Do EU-wide recommendations on quality assurance in relation to expert opinions already exist including in relation to scientific standards and testing procedures? If not, are there any plans for such recommendations in the near future?

In particular, does it see problems in connection with cross-border custody disputes in respect of expert opinions of differing quality?

To date the Commission has not received information on problems derived from diverging Member State laws on the appointment of experts in custody cases. As part of this review exercise, the Commission sent a questionnaire to Member States to gather information on the practical operation of the regulation. EU legislation does not govern quality standards of expert opinions or their effects in civil litigation.

Other issues such as means of evidence, burden of proof, assessment of evidence and standard of evidence are left to national law. The courts of the requesting Member State must thus apply national law to assess the evidence delivered by the foreign court, including the quality of expert opinions, and to establish its evidentiary value. The Commission is now collecting input on the impact of this legal diversity on the cross-border taking of evidence, which will be reflected in the evaluation report to be adopted in The Commission will thereafter consider the follow-up action that may be required.

These restrictions come after similar customs restrictions were imposed by the Russian Federation on Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

These sanctions were condemned as unacceptable pressure by both Parliament, through its resolution on pressure exerted by Russia on Eastern Partnership countries in the context of the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius , and the Commission. At present, the Russian Federation only upholds the ban on wines from the Republic of Moldova. Talks are taking place between the health services of both countries, but the delays in lifting the restrictions are causing significant losses to producers and exporters from the Republic of Moldova.

What measures is the Commission taking to prevent the Russian Federation from using trade bans to put political pressure on Member States and partner countries? The Commission used this opportunity to express its concerns with regard to politically motivated measures by Russia.

Europäische Zentralbank (EZB) in 3 Minuten erklärt

In addition, the Commission will continue to work closely with the Member States to address the remaining barriers which affect EU exports to Russia. Ir-rakkomandazzjonijiet qed ikollhom impatt: The Member States agreed in this recommendation to put in place comprehensive strategies to combat ESL by the end of Can the Commission provide the conclusions from its monitoring of the matter, as well as details of these comprehensive strategies?

What initiatives does the Commission plan for the coming years in order to achieve this target? Does the Commission agree that, despite the numerous measures already taken by Member States, progress in reducing ESL rates remains too slow? The Commission monitors and reports on developments in early school leaving ESL including through the Annual Growth Survey and within the Education and Training strategy.

The recommendations are having an impact: This improvement mainly reflects progress in some larger countries, but hides negative trends in others. Such work is set to continue. A majority of MS have made progress, but there are still wide disparities. MS will need to sustain their efforts if the target is to be reached. Uredbe o Jedinstvenom europskom nebu SES razlikuju dva odvojena subjekta: The SES Single European Sky legislation regulates common requirements for the provision of air navigation services, as well as the certification and designation of air navigation service providers ANSPs.

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National supervisory authorities NSAs are expected to monitor compliance with the common requirements and with the conditions attached to the certificates. If an NSA finds that the holder of a certificate no longer satisfies the requirements and conditions, it must take appropriate measures while ensuring continuity of service. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the certification scheme, Member States should provide the Commission with all relevant information on the derogations granted by their NSA in the context of their annual reports.

The onus of proving compliance should lie with the ANSPs, for the period of validity of the certificate and for all the services covered. The NSA should examine the suitability of a provider prior to issuing a certificate and should assess the ongoing compliance of the ANSPs it has certified on a yearly basis. As the onus of proving compliance, i. Secondly, as to the designation, two Member States have designated air traffic services providers ATSPs which appear not to have been certified. As to performance assessment, it was concluded that regarding airspace capacity and efficiency, the overall reported information indicates a rather low level of implementation.

Regarding compliance monitoring, the overall reported level of implementation of inspections, surveys and safety audits for the purpose of such monitoring was very low. The Single European Sky SES regulations distinguish between two separate entities; the Air Navigation Service Providers providing air traffic control and other services and the National Supervisory Authorities overseeing the service providers.

As the question notes, recent audits have revealed shortcomings in the way the authorities certify and oversee the service providers and how they ensure the implementation of the SES rules. Furthermore the implementation of performance targets is still suboptimal in terms of ambition and corrective measures. This is namely due to lack of independence and resources or expertise in the authorities.

Hitler, Mein Kampf. Eine kritische Edition

Independence will also be required in budgetary matters and staff nominations. Finally the proposal would establish an EU-level network of national authorities under the auspices of the European Aviation Safety Agency to ensure exchanges of best practises, training and pooling of experts. With these measures Commission expects that the authorities will gain the motivation and resources needed and also avoid the current conflicts of interest in their work.

Thus a major performance gap will be closed as the air navigation service providers would be overseen and monitored to the same standards as the airlines already are. Terra dei fuochi, emergenza sversamenti. Nella stessa area sono triplicate le malattie in meno di venti anni con una forte incidenza di tumori, malformazioni feto-neonatali ed epigenetica.

Il ministero dell'ambiente italiano per risolvere il problema e per evitare sversamenti futuri di materiali tossici sta per istituire una task-force investigativa e giudiziaria contro le infiltrazioni nelle operazioni. Ci sono specifici programmi dell'Unione europea che finanziano la bonifica di terreni che hanno subito inquinamenti prolungati nel corso di decenni e, eventualmente, intende utilizzarli?

Intende fare parte della task-force del ministero dell'ambiente italiano che punta a individuare adeguati e tempestivi interventi per far fronte al disastro ambientale in Campania? Nella stessa area sono triplicate le malattie in meno di venti anni con una forte incidenza di tumori, malformazioni feto-neonatali e modificazioni epigenetiche. Il ministero dell'ambiente italiano, per risolvere il problema e per evitare sversamenti futuri di materiali tossici, sta per istituire una task-force investigativa e giudiziaria contro le infiltrazioni nelle operazioni.

I numeri sono molto elevati: Secondo le informazioni fornite alla Commissione, nel novembre , il governo italiano ha nominato un commissario straordinario incaricato di risolvere la questione al fine di prevenire e contrastare lo smaltimento illegale di rifiuti. The Domitian coast, the countryside around Aversa and Orta di Atella, the countryside around Acerra and Nola, the area around Mount Vesuvius and the city of Naples form a vast area that is blighted by bonfires and the uncontrolled dumping of solid urban waste and hazardous and non-hazardous special waste, with serious consequences for health, the environment and safety.

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This environmental disaster fits into the wider framework of the first study by the Italian National Institute of Health, according to which the entire area that stretches from Giugliano to Villaricca, up to the Domitian coast, is polluted by illegal landfills and the burying of illegal waste, which is then burned.

According to the Italian National Institute of Health, the pollution in the area of the former Resit di Giugliano landfill in Campania, is irreparable: In order to resolve the problem and prevent toxic waste being dumped in the future, the Italian Ministry of the Environment is about to set up a task force to investigate and prosecute infiltration of waste disposal operations. Are there any specific EU programmes to finance the decontamination of land that has been polluted over decades and, if so, will the Commission use them? Based on the work that the task force will carry out, will the Commission establish specific programmes to finance actions to clean up heavily polluted land?

An entire area, including the Domitian coast, the Aversano-Atellano countryside, the Acerrano-Nolano and Mount Vesuvius area and the city of Naples, has been affected by the uncontrolled disposal of solid urban waste and special waste, which is often hazardous, with serious consequences for the health of local people, the environment and safety. This environmental disaster is part of a broader scenario that was first outlined in a study by the Italian Institute of Health, which found that the entire area from Giugliano to Villaricca, right up to the Domitian coast, is polluted as a result of the fly tipping and landfill of illegal waste that is subsequently burnt.

The Italian Ministry for the Environment is about to set up an investigative judicial task force to combat these illegal operations with a view to solving the problem and preventing future toxic waste dumping. Can it say whether there is any EU funding available to clean up the land that has been subject to prolonged pollution for decades? The figures involved are staggering: This phenomenon is seriously damaging the environment and the landscape pollutants leaking into the ground, air and aquifers with obvious consequences also for human health, as there has been an increase in the incidence of cancer in those municipalities with the most waste Acerra, Aversa, Bacoli, Caivano, Castel Volturno, Giugliano in Campania, Marcianise and Villaricca.

The case is still pending before the Court. The Commission monitors the implementation of this regulation and publishes a report every three years.