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30 Lacy Crochet Shawl Patterns - Stitch and Unwind

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Tutorial Easy Crochet Shawl

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If you have already purchased this Digital product , sign in to access your purchases. Quantity 1. You can knit it. Prefer an allover lace pattern with a beaded border? No problem! Beginning with a simple wedge shape and using my seven-step modular formula, you can build the shawl you want. Just plug and play. The possibilities are nearly endless! You can choose a single pattern for the entire shawl or build a masterpiece by combining several patterns.

Shell Beach Stole, Shawl, & Scarf - Crochet Pattern

Here are my 7 Steps to Shawl Success. In this design, three triangles provide extra coverage, allowing the shawl to sit well on your shoulders. Knit a wedge. Then knit one more! The simplest construction design is to combine two mirror-image wedges to create a single triangle.

Three wedges combined in one piece will form a three-quarter square shawl, which will sit nicely on the shoulders. The same three wedges sewn together will create a fluid, flowing, trapezoidal shawl. Four wedges connected by a spine stitch create a full-coverage shawl that will drape over the shoulders.

More Free Crochet Patterns for Accessories

Or, create a perfect square silhouette by working four wedges in the round. Another option for four wedges: Sew them together to make a graceful parallelogram. Sew four wedges together to make a graceful parallelogram. Six wedges, when aggressively blocked, form a gorgeous cape-like silhouette that overlaps in the front.

Six triangles combine to create this full-coverage cape. Vertical insertions between wedges add fun, complexity, and design interest.

Stole / Shawls / Wraps

You can place them in the center to a two-wedge shawl instead of a spine stitch , as shown here, or immediately next to the side edges for a design element down the front of a shawl. Select a pattern or two or three that you want to use to fill your wedges there are of them in my book. Be creative. Use your imagination.