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German translation of 'clever'

This is why I decided to collect images with visualised grammar rules which have been posted in several groups on Facebook. As you can see, we need those pieces of information. Actually there are some 5 groups of endings , take a look at the following list:. In order to make things easier, I will write only endings and stem vowel umlauts instead of the whole plural form: der Tag, e; das Telefon, e.

Would you like more of German Grammar? Note: feminine nouns never get the ending -er. Some nouns have only the plural form pluralia tantum : die Leute people , die Eltern parents , die Ferien vacation. Sound is very important when you are producing a language.

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German pronunciation is not very difficult. However, it contains some rules that you should adhere to. I have tried to explain those rules by comparing them with the English pronunciation and I have used basic German words as examples which is very convenient if you are a beginner. For more useful tips, scroll to the bottom of the page. Those were the basic rules of German pronunciation. All you have to do is to find the word and click on the speaker icon.

Clever online bewerben

It often occurs that we wish to use Adjectives as Nouns when we want to designate a group of people by one of their characteristics: jugendlich, bekannt etc. There are also many Past Participles which can be used in the same way: behindert, verwandt, angestellt, erwachsen etc. Well, apart from the fact that we will write all these adjectives with the capital first letters in order to suggest that they are now nouns, we should also learn another golden rule: treat and change these nouns in the exactly same way as they we still adjectives.

Just pay attention to the word which is in front of them and pretend that there is a noun behind them. If you take a closer look you will notice that the above nouns get the same endings as if they were still adjectives, just without any subsequent nouns: ein Verwandter Mann.

There are some verbs which have the same form for Past participle and Infinitive. This might be confusing for learners. They might try to build Past Participle for those verbs as if they would get the prefix ge- which is wrong. Also, they are all irregular verbs — only under that circumstance could happen that their Past Participle ends with -en. Here are 11 of those verbs at the A2 level. List of all irregular verbs at the A2 level — grouped by the vowel change. For example, lesen, sehen and essen have the same vowel change: A-E.

If you are asking yourself how you could remember these letters, take a look at the bellow list. Those are my personal suggestions, of course, feel free to use some other associations, something that will be easy for you to remember.

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  5. A-A here is how you could remember these letters: A NN A stehen — steht — stand — hat gestanden bringen — bringt — brachte — hat gebracht denken — denkt — dachte — hat gedacht kennen — kennt — kannte — hat gekannt brennen — brennt — brannte — hat gebrannt nennen — nennt — nannte — hat genannt rennen — rennt — rannte — ist gerannt tun — tut — tat — hat getan.

    A-O here is how you could remember these letters: H A LL O beginnen — beginnt — begann — hat begonnen kommen — kommt — kam — ist gekommen schwimmen — schwimmt — schwamm — ist geschwommen bewerben — bewirbt — bewarb — hat beworben brechen — bricht — brach — hat gebrochen erschecken — erschrickt — erschrak — ist erschrocken helfen — hilft — half — hat geholfen nehmen — nimmt — nahm — hat genommen sprechen — spricht — sprach — hat gesprochen stechen — sticht — stach — hat gestochen sterben — stirbt — starb — ist gestorben treffen — trifft — traf — hat getroffen werfen — wirft — warf — hat geworfen empfehlen — empfiehlt — empfahl — hat empfohlen stehlen — stiehlt — stahl — hat gestohlen gewinnen — gewinnt — gewann — hat gewonnen.

    A-U here is how you could remember these letters: F A U L finden — findet — fand — hat gefunden gelingen — gelingt — gelang — ist gelungen singen — singt — sang — hat gesungen sinken — sinkt — sank — ist gesunken springen — springt — sprang — ist gesprungen trinken — trinkt — trank — hat getrunken verbinden — verbindet — verband — hat verbunden.

    IE-IE here is how you could remember these letters: L IE B-L IE B beweisen — beweist — bewies — hat bewiesen bleiben — bleibt — blieb — ist geblieben entscheiden — entscheidet — entshied — hat entschieden leihen — leiht — lieh — hat geliehen scheinen — scheint — schien — hat geschienen schreiben — schreibt — schrieb — hat geschrieben schweigen — schweigt — schwieg — hat geschwiegen steigen — steigt — stieg — ist gestiegen verzeihen — verzeiht — verzieh — hat verziehen. There are 4 scenarios when we are talking about reflexive verbs in German:.

    Click here. This scenario requires additionally some other object in Accusative. If you compare the reflexive pronoun in Accusative look far above and Dative, you will see that they differ only in the form for ich and du. In that case the subject in the sentence is always in Plural and we are talking about reciprocal verbs :.

    When this scenario occurs with verbs which are normally regular transitive verbs which means that they require one Object in Accusative , then we use the reflexive pronoun sich like in above examples.

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    Both sentences are grammatically correct. Not sure where to put sich in a sentence? Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3. Author: Jadranka Bokan When we are learning German grammar, we learn it from the start gradually and in a straight line. Ebooks

    Here are descriptions of basic parts of speech: Apply. When resolving the blanks tasks , ask yourself first: Which part of speech is needed here? Be aware of it that a Subject, Object, Information on time, place or cause and even an attribute can be: 1 word more than 1 word phrase 1 sentence Here is how this looks like: Subject answers the question: WER? Object WEN?