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In reality, he became the salvation of the human race itself not once, but twice. First, in the face of an alien hegemony called the Covenant --an alien empire bent on the complete destruction of humanity in order to assure their ascendance into misguided godhood. Most recently, John defended humanity against the efforts of an ancient Forerunner called the Didact , who returned to exact his revenge against humanity for wars fought a hundred millennia before.

As the program's original intent was designed to thwart human rebellion and stop a mounting civil war, many of his early missions were tailored specifically to prevent the growing insurgency. His first mission was to locate and exfiltrate Insurrectionist leader Colonel Robert Watts from the asteroid belt in the Eridanus system.

World Chess President Claims He Was Abducted By Space Aliens -- And They Invented Chess

Overall, the mission was a success and set the tone for John's leadership and effectiveness, an effect that carried over to the Spartan-II team he commanded. Though Spartan Blue Team has consisted of a few different members throughout its existance, its most commonly recognized roster consisted of John, Frederic , Linda , and Kelly Blue Team became legend even amongst the Spartan-II's, due to their unprecedented involvement in arguably the most pivotal engagements of both the Insurrection and the Human-Covenant War.

In , John had his first engagement with the Covenant during a brief skirmish near Chi Ceti.

This also marked the full integration and implementation of the Spartans and their Mjolnir armor systems. John soon became the most prominent soldier in the almost thirty-year long war with the Covenant. Most notably recognized for his actions on the Halo installations , as well as during the Covenant's sudden invasion of Earth , and the eventual destruction of the alien alliance on the remote Forerunner construct called the Ark.

பாஸ்கர் ஒரு ராஸ்கல் - Baby Nainika and Master Raghavan gets abducted - Arvind Swamy - Amala Paul

This act was an attempt to finally stop the galaxy-threatening parasite known as the Flood , which also effectively ended the Human-Covenant War. John's narrow escape through a collapsing slipspace portal after leaving the Ark left him and Cortana adrift in uncharted space, where they remained for nearly five years. It was at the end of this time that Cortana awakened John from cryo-stasis to confront a new and unexpected threat: an ancient Forerunner commander known as the Didact.


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