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You have so much inside of you that you want to share, and you want others to benefit from your wisdom and resources.

When you learn how to be the leader you were born to be, your life will become easier and more prosperous. As you let go of your judgements about power and authority, you can use your status to help the greater good. Freedom is what motivates you. You have multiple talents and interests. You are fun loving, vivacious, and charming. You can be successful at anything. Because your soul wishes to have a variety of experiences, you might have more than one career. You might want to change your geographical location often as well, so you can explore new cultures and opportunities.

Challenge — You have so many talents and interests it can be hard to decide upon just one. You can feel scattered, and confused, lacking direction. You might want to escape through sex, drugs, alcohol, or entertainment instead of committing to one person or career, for fear you will lose your freedom and adventure.

A natural counselor, healer, and friend, you are the one everyone turns to for help. You have a strong sense of responsibility, especially to those you love even pets and will never let anyone down. Your innate sense of beauty and harmonious is a recipe for success.

Because of your perfectionist nature, everything you do is of the highest quality. Especially when it comes to helping other people.

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Challenge — You can do too much for others at your own expense. You must learn to be supported or you will find yourself exhausted, without enough time to build your dreams.

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Once you learn to TRUST your intuition, you will always know which people and situations to trust and only then can you have the success you know is yours. Your soul longs to be recognized for your achievements, which there are many. They are meant to be the one in charge, the top of the heap, managing large sums of money and resources. Your soul longs to be comfortable with money, status and power, so you can be a good steward of these resources and benefit the greater good.

Accept your destined role as the leader. Experiences can feel like fate, and that you have no control.

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In fact, you do. When you learn how to feel as much inner worth as you long for in the material world, success will be yours. As you release your beliefs that money and power are bad, you can be a benevolent steward of these resources, and help others. You are a born leader, spiritual teacher, and can inspire others through your words and actions. You are incredibly magnetic so people will naturally be drawn to your light.

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Your intuitive powers are off-the-charts. Let your intuition be your guide. Be the masterful leader who will heal and inspire others.

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Challenge — Because your intuition is so finely tuned, you can feel extra sensitive and therefore doubt yourself. Become re-inspired. Expect emotions to surface and then let them go. This can be a deeply transformative year, or one of avoidance, entering into darker recesses of the soul. This is your cycle of balance and experiencing the energy of money.

Numbers 1 - 9: The Building Blocks of Numerology

The 8 personal year can be one of the most successful and powerful to occur in your life. Your success of course is not instant — it is about years of energy coming to fruition. Being the number of equilibrium and karma it will direct your ambition toward the greatest balance needed for your growth and success. The 8 numerology personal year is not a force to be taken lightly.

Forgo ego, live with compassion. Transformation is guaranteed. At some stage everything must come to an end. The only thing we can be sure of in life is change. This my friends is the final year of your cycle. The 9 has circled all the numbers. Any number added to a 9 comes back to itself.

Numerology: The Power of Numbers to Change your Life

In a 9 personal year you might want to travel more or help change the world. Your email address will not be published. Book Now Contact. Make amazing with your personal numerology year. See what resonates for you… 1 Numerology Personal Year Are you ready?! And the journey continues… Stay happy.

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Numerology Mind What This Means to Retain Observing Exactly the Same Numbers Repeatedly

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